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"Butler has written a Midwestern masterpiece and has done for the modest splendor of verdant farmlands what Larry McMurtry did for the brutal beauty of small-town Texas."
— Amber Dermont, Author of the New York Times Bestseller The Starboard Sea and Damage Control: Stories

" A wonderful book, filled with moments of gut-wrenching anguish and also of soaring hope. It is a beautiful tale of small towns and growing up and of trying to find a place in the world when home doesn't feel like home anymore. A new American classic."
— Matt Haig, Internationally Bestselling Author of The Humans

"Nickolas Butler ripped my heart out with rare honesty and good, old-fashioned, unapologetic love. A book that makes you want to call old friends. A writer who makes you feel more human than you thought possible."
— Matthew Quick, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Silver Linings Playbook

Preorder Beneath the Bonfire
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