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Nickolas Butler

August 12, 2015 (12:56 AM)

Cleghorn, Wisconsin

Dear Fellow Insomniacs,

It is a good night to eschew my bed and pillow.To drag a lawn chair into the dewy grass of my backyard and stare at the sky.Every star, it seems is just as restless, just as apt to defect from its anchorage.And perhaps a mile off, two owls in conversation: perhaps a marital squabble is underway, or some kind of business negotiation.Hard to say.I don’t speak owl, though I recognize that tell-tale Who-cooks-for-you?Who-cooks-for-you-all?And too, the coyote choir is vocal which puts a good scare into the neighborhood dogs and they start to yammering.How thrilling it will be, when one winter night out for a Cohiba or Dunhill I hear that rogue wolf come wandering through.I wonder what the dogs will do?Can’t blame them for turning tail and taking the fifth, I suppose.

Coming into and out of my house during such summer nights is tricky.Off the back porch there is a frantic traffic of tiny wings: millions of bugs, hundreds of moths, and sticking to many of our windows, bright green tree frogs.Always hunched near our flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, and boots is a big toad or two, no doubt belly pressed to the residual heat of the cement.Can’t blame him either.And in the garage I find the throwaway skins of what I think are some resident Western Fox snakes.

Most exciting is the badger that seems to be digging her way to China with my lower eight acres as a preferred entry-point.Every day I find another excavation site; big sandstone rocks kicked about two feet from a good-sized gouge in the earth along with a pile of sand and these pathways through the prairie grasses that look like a grown man was dragging himself to safety.

A few days ago, I rescued two hummingbirds from a friend’s garage.They kept banging into his window, trying to fly through the glass.I held them in my hands.I wish you could feel that.Their nothing weight.

My tour schedule seems to be heating up again, and I’ve updated this website so that perhaps you and I can meet in some town or library or bowling alley.Sheboygan, Madison, River Falls.My collection of short stories, Beneath the Bonfire, is now available on this site’s store.Every copy is hand-signed.What else to report?Oh.I’m very close to finishing the next novel.I’m excited.

Thanks again for visiting this site, for reading my books, for attending my readings.Every day, I feel very blessed, indeed.And on nights such as this, more so.


Nickolas Butler

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